Designer. Researcher. Developer.


Nikhila's story

Hi! I'm currently a Master's student in Human Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech. It has been an absolute dream so far, to be able to work with and around people who are making path-breaking contributions in this field. After my undergrad in Computer Science and working for 3 years, I realized that rather than creating solutions, we need to handcraft experiences for people to truly touch their lives, which brings me to UX.


If you're still reading - I'm flattered!
Random facts about me:
I enjoy travel - especially trekking.
I destress by organizing and cleaning spaces. I know, weird - but it's something that definitely comes in handy!
I'm a huge Harry Potter fan - I truly believe it's not just for children and has wonderful life lessons for everyone.
I love cats - and follow more cat pages than I care to admit on Instagram.